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Is Ceramic For Me?

Ceramic coatings are not new to the industry but the ceramic formula from Owner's Pride is DOMINATING THE MARKET! We offer multiple packages to fit your needs from a 1/Year non-warrantied ceramic package starting as low as $300 and up to 7/Years of warrantied protection!

So what is ceramic? Ceramic is a protective coating on all of the vehicle's painted/plastic surfaces. It's a liquid layer of glass that adds protection against multiple outdoor elements and makes washing your vehicle no longer a hassle!

Warranty? So you spend all this money and wonder how great the warranty is if you ever need to use it? Well, the great news is that Owner's Pride is a customer service-driven company that we partnered with to deliver and offer a terrific customer guarantee! As many years of protection you get is how long you're covered for even if you sell the vehicle. Take a look at a sample warranty card below!

Why is it so expensive? Well, there is no doubt that ceramic protection costs much more than a simple wax job. The best way to explain the price is to think about the amount of money you spend on your investment and how much you want to protect the investment a simple wax job gets you around 2-4 months of protection vs ceramic offers a minimum of a year plus that is guaranteed and applied by a certified detail tech! 

Diamond Package's Pricing

1/Yr $300/Car $400 Suv/Truck $500 /Van

3/Yr $600/Car $650 Suv/Truck $800 /Van

5/Yr $800/Car $850 Suv/Truck $900 /Van

7/Yr $1000/Car $1050 Suv/Truck $1100 /Van

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